Government Planning To Roll Out Tyre Star Rating System In India

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Government Planning To Roll Out Tyre Star Rating System In India

The government will soon come up with a new 5-star rating for the tyre industry. For this, the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has completed its talks with the tyre industry. The tyres will be given ratings based on their ability to save fuel, ensure safety and prevent skidding of the vehicle. 

A move that aims to not just provide better quality tyres to consumers that also helps to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, but also to curb the sub-standard quality of tyre imports in India.

In India, be it a cheap tyre or a premium category tyre, every tyre brand claims to provide high fuel efficiency, wet grip and low road noise. In such a situation most tyre buyers, given their limited understanding of tyres end up buying a low-quality tyres.

To prevent consumers from falling into false claims and ensure more safety for the vehicles, the road transport ministry has proposed new norms for tyres used in cars, buses, and other heavy vehicles. If the proposal is implemented, India will soon see a ‘star rating’ or ‘labeling’ system like the European Union. 

Under EU law, all tyres must feature an EU tyre label. This label shows important safety and environmental information related to the specific tyre, detailing the tyre’s wet grip; fuel efficiency, and noise ratings.

Government Planning To Roll Out Tyre Star Rating System In India
EU Tyre Label Ratings
  1. The EU fuel efficiency ratings:

On the EU tyre label, you’ll see a colour-coded chart, running from A to G.

A – green – most fuel efficient

G – red – least fuel efficient

  1. Wet grip ratings

A set of tyres with a high wet-grip rating will stop faster than tyres with a low wet-grip rating.

‘Wet grip’ is synonymous with wet braking performance.

Wet grip is rated on a scale from A to F:

A – most effective at stopping quickly in the wet

F – least effective at stopping quickly in the wet

  1. Noise rating

This relates to how much noise your tyres make on the road.

The decibels emitted by a tyre is denoted by a loudspeaker icons – the more waves, the louder the tyres.

1 Black wave: Quiet (3 decibels or more below the European limit)

2 Black waves: Moderate (between the European limit and 3 decibels below)

3 Black waves: Noisy (above the European limit)

According to the proposal, before hitting the market, the tyres need to be tested for rolling resistance, wet grip, and noise levels. Top Star Rating is to be given for better grip, less noise it generates, better performance on slippery road conditions, and lesser friction. Initially, the Star Rating will be given for three categories of vehicles C1, C2, and C3. C1 stands for personal vehicles, C2 for lightweight cargo vehicles, and C3 for heavy cargo vehicles.

The Star Ratings is likely to roll out in the next 6 to 9 months says JK Tyres and Industries.

Star Rating for tyres will help to curb the imports of substandard quality tyres as it will set a great benchmark in terms of quality.

Currently, BIS rules apply to the quality of tyres. This shows the same level of quality, but the customers do not know which tire they should buy. Because all tyres come with a BIS certificate.

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