Michelin gets India’s first fuel efficiency 5-star rating for the passenger car tyre category.

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Michelin gets India's first fuel efficiency 5-star rating for the passenger car tyre category.

Michelin, the world’s leading sustainable mobility company, announced that it had become the first tyre brand in the PCR segment in India to be accredited with the Government of India’s newly announced star labeling program. The ratings under this program are calculated based on the tire’s ability to save fuel, ensure safety and prevent vehicle skidding.

In a press note, the company said its Michelin Latitude Sport 3 and Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV tyres have received the top ratings. Recently, Michelin received a 4-Star rating by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) for its commercial vehicle tyre MICHELIN X Multi Energy Z manufactured in India.

“After receiving the first 4-star label for our commercial vehicle tyre recently, we are thrilled to be recognized once again with India’s first 5-star rating for two of our most popular passenger car tyre lines in India. For our brand, this first 5 Star rating will add greater confidence among our customers, where they will be better placed to select tyres that are fuel-efficient, safe, and contribute to decreasing carbon footprint in the country. We are dedicated to offering our Indian customers the most advanced technology best tailored to keep them safe, comfortable, and efficient on Indian roads” said Manish Pandey, Commercial Director B2C for India Region.

Talking about the impact of having a 5-star rated tyre, the company noted that it consumes up to 9.5 percent less fuel when compared to any other lower-star-rated tyre, co-relating to lesser greenhouse gas emissions, a significant cause of global warming.

According to the proposal, before hitting the market, the tyres need to be tested for rolling resistance, wet grip, and noise levels. Top Star Rating is to be given for better grip, less noise it generates, better performance on slippery road conditions, and lesser friction. Initially, the Star Rating will be given for three categories of vehicles C1, C2, and C3. C1 stands for personal vehicles, C2 for lightweight cargo vehicles, and C3 for heavy cargo vehicles.

The new regulations will demand that all tyres sold in India meet crucial performance and safety standards such as rolling resistance and wet grip. When this regulation becomes mandatory, all domestic and foreign manufacturers and importers of the truck, bus, and passenger car tyres will be required to attribute the BEE star label to tyres sold in India.