255/50 R19 107Y XL Continental ContiCrossContact UHP Tyre

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Introducing the Continental 255/50 R19 ContiCrossContact UHP tyre, a high-performance tyre designed to elevate your driving experience to new heights. This tyre, crafted by the esteemed Continental brand, offers an exceptional combination of size, pattern, load index, and speed rating, making it an ideal choice for drivers who demand the best in terms of performance, safety, and reliability.


  • Outstanding Performance: The Continental 255/50 R19 ContiCrossContact UHP tyre is meticulously engineered to provide exceptional performance, offering precise steering response, superior traction, and reliable braking performance.
  • Safety: With its high load index and speed rating, this tyre offers stability and control, enhancing safety on the road, especially in challenging conditions.
  • Advanced Pattern Design: The UHP pattern’s advanced design ensures optimal grip, even on wet or slippery surfaces, providing peace of mind during adverse weather conditions.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The 19-inch diameter and modern design of the Continental UHP tyre add a touch of sophistication and style to your vehicle’s aesthetics, making it a popular choice for drivers who value both form and function.

Elevate your driving experience with the Continental 255/50 R19 UHP tyre, designed to provide the perfect blend of performance, safety, and style for your vehicle. Put your trust in Continental’s legacy of quality and enjoy the confidence that comes with premium tires on your vehicle.



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