Unveiling The Top 5 Affordable Tire Brands in USA 2024

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By Farhan Mansuri

Rev up your engines as we hit the gas on a thrilling ride through the American tire industry! Get ready to peel back the rubber and reveal some of the hottest, pocket-friendly tire brands that are making a splash on the asphalt. We’ll be diving into the history and horsepower of these top-notch tire companies, and you better believe they’re serving up a hefty dose of quality and savings that’ll keep you cruising in style

1. Cooper Tires Starfire: A Legacy of Bang for Your Buck Since 1914

Since the days when flappers were hitting the dance floor, Cooper Tires has been dishing out tires that not only grip the road but also give your wallet a breather. Enter the Starfire line, where Cooper’s tire wizardry meets budget brilliance. Since 1914, they’ve been cooking up a menu of affordable tire options that serve up performance, safety, and savings all on the same plate.

Starfire manufactures and tests tires in the US this helps ensure that the tires are optimized for North American road conditions and vehicle types. Extensive product testing is conducted at test facilities near San Antonio, Texas throughout the year.

2. Hercules Tires Ironman: Born in the 50s, Tough as Steel

Back in the ’50s, while Elvis was shaking those hips, Hercules Tires was rolling out a whole new era of tire game. Fast forward to today, and their Ironman brand is still in the spotlight, flexing its muscles as the budget-friendly tire champ. Established in 1952, Hercules has crafted a lineup of Ironman tires that’ll take you from your driveway to the highway without taking a toll on your bank account.

While Hercules tires are known for being high-quality, Ironman Tires are known for being affordable.

3. Kumho Tires: Innovating Since ’60, Budget-Friendly & Beyond

Picture it: 1960. A time of change, growth, and Kumho Tires hitting the scene. These guys have mastered the art of giving you high-quality rubber without sending your budget into a tailspin. Whether you’re cruising the city streets or tackling off-road adventures, Kumho’s budget-friendly tire options serve up innovation and performance that’ll leave you scratching your head, wondering how they do it.

Kumho Tires is the 2nd biggest tire maker in South Korea and ranks as the 19th largest tire manufacturer in the world, it runs three manufacturing facilities in South Korea: the Pyeongtaek Plant, the Gokseong Plant and the Gwangju Plant which includes the Kumho Research and Development centre.

4. Toyo Tires: Born in ’45, Still Giving You a Bang for Your Buck

Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas Inc. (TTHA) headquartered in Cypress, California, is the wholly-owned North American subsidiary of Toyo Tire Corporation of Osaka, Japan. TTHA and its group companies manufacture, import, sell and distribute Toyo and Nitto brand tires in the U.S. and Canada.
In the year when the war ended and soldiers were coming home, Toyo Tires was gearing up for a tire revolution. Established in 1945, they’ve been tearing up the track with their premium offerings. But guess what? They’ve also got an ace up their sleeve in the form of affordable tires that let you keep some green in your wallet while still gripping the road like a champ.

5. General Tires: Roaring Since the Teens with Affordable Excellence

The ‘teens were a time of hustle, bustle, and the birth of General Tires. Fast forward to the present, and these tire titans are still turning heads with their budget-friendly gems. Since 1915, General Tires has been in the driver’s seat when it comes to delivering top-notch tires that don’t drain your wallet. Founded in 1915 by William O’Neil and Winfred E. Fouse in Akron, Ohio, the rubber capital of the world, The General Tire and Rubber Company got the formula for affordable awesomeness.

There you have it, folks! The American tire industry is alive and kicking with some seriously mind-boggling options. Cooper Tires Starfire, Hercules Tires Ironman, Kumho Tires, Toyo Tires, and General Tires are dishing out tire magic that’s leaving us all scratching our heads in amazement. They’ve cracked the code to give you the performance, safety, and savings you crave, all wrapped up in a burst of rubbery goodness. So, buckle up, because these brands are driving us into a world where quality and affordability ride shotgun, and the open road is yours for the taking!

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